Rules and Requirements:
– Positivity
– Loyalty
– Respect
– Maturity
– Honesty
– Activity
– Gear
– Class knowledge
– Communication

Guild Loot Method:DKP
– DKP system with a cap of 3000 DKP, 15% Decay Every Week
– 20 DKP per HC BOSS, 150 extra DKP for LOD, 300 DKP for RS HC, 50 DKP for full guild banes.
– DKP is also awarded to standby members/replacements. (50%)
– All members online when raid invites start get bonus DKP for being punctual.
– Trials cannot bid for BIS Trinkets and Invincible.
– Shadow Frost Shard Tracker with balanced Priority list, i.e. only 1 guy who needs shards every raid.
– Invincible Tracker with 1 maximum invincible per player unless everyone in raid has acquired one from the guild already.
– Members+ on their birthday bypass all these rules for Invincible and acquire it as a gift from the guild.

Method of Communication: Discord
This is non-negotiable.